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Friday, May 20, 2011

Spoiled Rotten

I've always considered myself a sort of "tow the line" kind of mom.  I really do expect my children to behave in public and to be respectful, caring citizens.  I was the mom whose kids eyes would light up like it was Christmas when they got to have soda.  They know that we go to Wal-mart to buy things we need, not toys for them and they are ok with that.  However, this is the mom that I was BEFORE my world came tumbling down.  I have a feeling that things may change a little when I get back home.  I may give a whole new meaning to the word "spoiled."  Easton makes one little whimper and I pick him up immediately.  So, I'm just going to apologize right now for how absolutely ROTTEN this child is going to be.

I imagine myself using this experience as leverage several years down the road:

Teenage Easton:  "But, Mom, I just can't.  I'm so tired!"

Me:  "Oh, really son?  You can seize for 24 hours straight, be in a coma for 5 days, re-learn how to sit, talk, walk, etc....but taking out the garbage is just too much for you?"

Each good day we have brings more of these thoughts.  I imagine dealing with an incredibly spoiled, entitled,  'pain in the butt' child for years to come.  And each time I have that thought it is immediately followed by, "I pray to God that I get the chance to be that miserable."


  1. He's the baby...and speaking as "the baby" of my family, I have earned the right, and I love my parents more than the world...see, if you put it in those terms, it seems quite normal...:)

  2. You all deserve to be spoiled after the experiences that you and your family have been going through these past weeks.