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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Teacher In-Service Day!

My kids had an early out day today for a teacher in-service!  Yay!  A full day home with all my babies!!!  Yeah, like I wasn't needing a stiff drink 5 seconds after we walked in the front door.  There is a REASON we send our children to school all day every day.  It's to keep us from killing them.  Oh, please like you weren't thinking exactly the same thing.  I mean, sure I love my kids, but I really love MISSING them.  An early out day seems great in the beginning, and you may even have momentary amnesia thinking that it will be a day full of giggles and rainbows.  But, this isn't my first rodeo people...I had a plan of attack.

First, I didn't want to add to my stress by actually having to MAKE lunch for these people so I did the responsible thing and took advantage of my children's obsession with books.  Thank you Pizza Hut, and Book-It people for providing the "fun" lunch today.  It kept me from strangling my oldest during his inevitable hour long whine session about being hungry and then hating everything that I suggest.  Perhaps it wasn't the healthiest lunch, but anything that curbs my desire to punch an eight-year-old is a good thing.

Next, I bought the ingredients we'd need to make homemade sugar cookies.  I even made homemade icing and had 5 different colors to choose from for decorating.  That's right, I'm the best.  Go ahead and pat me on the back, but just know that there was an underlying motive.  I knew this activity would keep the little heathens quiet while the baby slept.  And although I've threatened only the mailman, UPS delivery guy, and lawn care people with death if they wake him, I am NOT above taking out a kid or two for the same reason.  I'm very serious about naptime.  So, we made the cookies and I took pictures to prove that I'm the perfect mother.  Of course I posted them on my facebook page, but not to brag about my domestic capabilities (well, maybe just a little) but more so that I could go back and look at the pictures later and praise myself for spending such fun, quality time with my kids while I eat all 2 dozen cookies.  It's much more important to do something fun with your kids than to workout and eat carrots.  I'm just trying to be a good mom here, and they took everything else, they might as well get my thighs too. 

Now, our fun-filled day is coming to an end and although I do cherish the moments I had with them today I'm leaving the house the very second that I type the last sentence of this blog and going for a LONG walk.  You know, one can only enjoy those precious little parasites for so long before you remember that it's your own damn fault that it's so freaking noisy in here.  I think the key is to figure out how to create my own "in-service" day. 

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  1. Girl, you crack me up! I saw the pics on FB. Pretty cookies, but it was the pic of your daughter that touched my heart :) They won't forget these times that you spend with them.