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Monday, August 13, 2012

First Day Of Kindergarten

We all remember this day, right?

Pulling out all of the new stuff one last time the night before the big day, just to make sure it's all there.  The smell of new plastic folders and freshly, pre-sharpened pencils.  The excitement and anticipation mixed with fear at the prospect of starting something new.  Wondering if the lunches will be yummy, if the teachers will be nice, and if there will be friends at recess time.  Looking through the new bookbag to make sure that everything has been packed according to the teacher's instructions.  From the looks of it, this can be nothing but a successful year.  But, what if the first day is scary?  What if there aren't any nice friends and teachers waiting with open arms?  Just when the tears of apprehension threaten to steal away the smile of excitement, a hand is on your back.  And there is that sweet, familiar face, saying:

"Tomorrow will be fun!  There will be new friends and fun teachers, and all kinds of exciting things to do.  It will all be ok.  You'll see...Mommy."

But, luckily, she has agreed to hold my hand on that first day, just in case I do get a little scared.

(For all of us Mommies who, next week,  will be experiencing the first of many times that we will "let go".)

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