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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Hey, epilepsy...guess what?  I hate you.  I hate everything about you.  I hate the sneaky way you enter people's lives and wreak havoc.  I hate that you have had the ability to tear families apart, that you have caused parents to be unable to care for their own children.  I hate that you claim fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, and friends as your own.  I hate the look you leave in the eyes of the most beautiful babies.  LEAVE THEM ALONE.  I especially hate that you have done these things to MY son.  I hate that you chose him and not me.

But, unfortunately for you, I realized something yesterday.  You are a coward.  You think that you are choosing the weak.  You think if you attack the "small" and "defenseless" that you will have a better chance of destroying lives.  So, that brings me to a question. How's that working out for you this time?  I believe you are discovering that you may have messed with the wrong dude.  Despite all your crazy antics, and attempts at keeping him down, MY son is still going.  And in case you haven't noticed...he's kicking your ass.

Hundreds of seizures plague him every single day, all day long.  We give him medications to stop/control them, but all they do is make his muscles like jelly and his eyes appear as if he's been drinking heavily.  However, yesterday he stood in his walker and walked all the way down our hallway completely on his own.  I'd like to know what you have to say about that?  My guess is probably not too much.

You see, you may have actually had more luck attacking me.  I am fallible.  I bend and sometimes I break.  I cry and ask why.  I fight to the point of exhaustion and then I step away for awhile because I can't take it anymore. I have had thoughts of seeing you, personified.  It wouldn't matter if we met in a dark alley or in the middle of freaking Times Square.  I would stab you straight through the heart, twist the knife in further, and NEVER LOOK BACK.   But, you didn't choose me, did you?  No, you decided to go after my baby.  You thought that you could take over his life and claim it for your own.  How's that working out for you?

You tell him he can't, and he does.  You tell him to slow down, and he beats your ass to the finish line.  You give him every reason to give up, to back down, and he JUST GETS STRONGER.  You will NOT beat us.  You will NOT win.  He is teaching me every single day.  So you see, your choice may not have been the best one.  It will take some time for ME to learn how to fight like Superman, but my son is already there.  He battles you every day...and wins.

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  1. Shannon - Your post just brought tears to my eyes. More power to "E" and to your family... Paisley prays for her friend every night at bed time. Know that you're in the thoughts and prayers of more people than you ever imagined. xo. A