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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bored, and avoiding thoughts of mounting hospital bills...

Well, this blogging thing is something new.  I'll give it a try...for today at least.   I mean, I have four kids and let's face it, the odds of this being my first/last/only post ever are pretty good.  I just happen to be sitting in a hospital room with my youngest darling, and quickly becoming bored to tears.  Of course, being a mother of four I have "cleaned" our room about 12 times today and it's only 10 am.  Gotta love that mommy guilt complex.  I assume that if I keep the room clean that good karma will somehow seep in through the windows and get us the hell out of here.

Since this is my first post, I will admit that I have "stolen" this idea from a very dear friend.  However, I would like to replace the word stolen to "have been inspired by" my friend, Kate.  Basically, because that sounds better and eases my conscience a little.  Kate is one of those friends that I know I can call on a particularly "bad mommy day" and expect to hear support, love, and words of encouragement in her voice.  (I'm also likely to hear sarcasm dripping from nearly every word, and this is why we are such great friends!)  So, today I will dedicate my first blog to a woman who has taken the word "supermom" (yes it's a word) to a whole new level.  Thank you, Kate for your inspiration today and everyday!


  1. OH MY FRAGGIN' GOSH! I am crying, not tearing up in a pretty way, but full on "ugly cry" right now! I am not only honored that I know you but even more so to be your friend. I feel like this will be such an outlet for you, and if nothing else it will be a mutual admiration society for the both of us! think, this all started when I looked up, sort of in a daze, from having my second child, and saw you. Only to years later get to know you and become friends-and let's face it you saw more of me that day then perhaps my husband on any given day! Thank you so much for being my friend...despite what you saw 5 years ago!:)

  2. You're hilarious! I told you...I remember FACES! The other parts all kind of blend together. :)