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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Can I get a price-check on resentment?

Can anyone tell me why men get a medal of honor everytime they run even the smallest errand with children in tow?  My husband can go to the grocery store, and come back Man Of The Year.  I have a few issues with this.  First of all, he took TWO children...we have four.  Secondly, he takes them in their pajamas, last night's dirt still on their faces (that's right, they don't get baths every night of the year, but you keep telling yourself that yours do if it makes you feel better) with a "daddy hair-do" that I can't even discuss.  Still, he comes out smelling like a rose!

My husband is great, but he's great because we are great for each other.  We're a team.  We both pull our weight.  We both make decisions, we both make mistakes, and we will be equally responsible for our children's need for therapy. Do I think it's great that he took a couple of them to the store with him to lighten the load a little?  Sure, but I don't know that it warrants a Pulitzer.  It's not like I'm sitting at home eating a bowl of ice cream and watching Dr. Phil while he navigates a cart through wallyworld with TWO (remember there are two more at home) of HIS OWN children.

So when he comes home and begins putting groceries away, you can imagine my disgust as he explains the "funny thing that happend at the store today."  Because I have a pretty good idea where this is going, I stare at him and try to get him to understand, telepathically of course, that this may not be the best time to bring up how amazing he is.  But, he is a man so he plows ahead.  He looks at me with child-like innocence and says, "the funniest thing happend when we were getting diapers today."  Here it comes..."these two old women came over and looked at the girls and told them how lucky they were to have such a great Daddy.  They were really impressed that I had brought BOTH of them to the grocery store with me. Isn't that funny?"  Now, I know that any response I give related to this topic will result in nothing less than a brain aneurysm, so I simply look at him and say, "well, Mr. forgot the tampons."


  1. The punch-line is the best! I think either you secretly live in my head, or maybe me in yours-either way SCARY! :)