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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Memories and J-E-L-L-O

So, I'm kind of getting into this blogging thing.  It's fun and simple, and every once in awhile a grown-up tells me they like what I do.  This is vital to the survival of the only part of my brain that hasn't turned into jello.  Part of this blogging experience has been to check out other mommy blogs.  There are some really great ones out there.  Some are funny, some are sentimental, some endorse certain products.  I feel like the best information is obtained from someone ACTUALLY doing the job.  Knowledge is best obtained through experience.  And my experience tells me that some of the sentimental blogs are humorous even if that wasn't the intention.

I recently read a blog by a woman who is recording every moment of her child's life.  The blog chronicles every smile, step, milestone, giggle, etc.  She has even posted monthly pictures of her daughter so that you can see how she's growing and changing.  She records playdates, mealtimes, and any other everyday occurrence in her young child's life.  She plans to collect all of the blog entries at some point and make them into a book for her daughter.  She'll have it bound in leather and plans to give it to her later in life.  The woman is an excellent writer, and I think the idea is a beautiful one.  However, I think it is quite obvious that this is the woman's first child.  All I kept thinking the entire time I was reading was BOY ARE YOU SCREWED!!!

Remember when you were pregnant with your first child and you had all of these ideas about momentos and keepsakes you'd be saving for your child?  This is partly due to the fact that all of the blood that used to go to your brain has now been redirected to your uterus, but it's also because you are FREAKING CLUELESS!  Don't get me wrong, I did exactly the same thing.  I've got at LEAST 5 or 6 albums of my first son.  I think if I were to look back, we could make a flip book of every drool droplet the kid ever produced.  It's cute, and sweet and wonderful until you have your second child.  You begin to realize around month six that you've taken approximately 3 pictures of your youngest and those don't even really count because the older sibling is in all of them.  You look at the empty album and feel guilty, so you start to create a "scrap book" for them.  Scrap book is just another way of saying, "Yeah, I had to cut your pictures so that you couldn't see that we were actually taking pictures of your brother's first bike ride.  But, look!  There you are in the background eating a rock....don't get so eventually passed it."

Well, now I have four children and although the digital age has made photography much easier, I still actually have to PRINT the pictures.  Who has time for that?  Don't worry, they're all safe and sound on my hard drive.  What happens if my computer crashes you say?  Well, I have great plans to copy them to a zip drive and eventually to a cd so that our memories will never be lost.  Have I done that yet?  Well, no, but if we're ever faced with such an unfortunate event as hard drive crashing we will simply move to Plan B...which includes burning all of our first child's albums.  Who needs pictures when I've got all of the memories stored in my brain?

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