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Thursday, March 31, 2011

This One's For the Girls!

Today is Mother's Day.  Why?  Because I said so.  I'm a mom and I say that just because someone picked some random day in May to celebrate what moms do every single day of the year, does not mean that I can't give a shout out to my home girls any damn day I want.  ( I do realize that the "home-girl" statement only proves that I need to leave my house more.)  At any rate:  THIS ONE'S FOR THE GIRLS!

For the one who realizes that although neosporin and band-aids do help, a kissed boo boo is likely to heal much faster.

For the one who used to have nice boobies and now has knee warmers.

For the woman who can look in the mirror and see bags under her eyes, stretch marks, and sweatpants and know that today is gonna be a good day because she got a shower. (and it wasn't even shower day!!)

For the one who used to dream of seeing her name in lights, but realizes that seeing it in crayon is pretty great too.

For the mom who is kept up all night long feeding, diapering, and scaring away monsters and still manages to remember the good-bye kiss at the school drop-off.

For the one who gets out of her vehicle carrying a baby, a diaper bag, three bags of randomly discarded clothing, a sippy cup, a popsicle stick, and a shoe and DOES NOT kill her empty-handed 7 year old son when he asks if she'll carry his coat.

For the mom who remembers that today is not just "Thursday" it is also show-and-tell, a doctor's appointment, playdate, and gymnastics day.

For the one who trades her stilettos for some softball spikes so that her daughter knows that "throwing like a girl" isn't necessarily a bad thing.

For these and all of the other amazing women out there who do this job today and everyday, Happy Because I Said So Mother's Day!!!